Developing a Production Portfolio and Establishing a Brand

Developing a Production Portfolio and Establishing a Brand


Armando Baeza


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This project aims to set the foundation from which to build a career in music production. Through creating a portfolio of music and designing a website, the intention for this project was to discover, develop and build a brand around the producer’s musical work. This goal entailed collaboration with various singers, songwriters, and musicians, a production calendar of deadlines and studio sessions for both recording and mixing, and the design and implementation of a website, through which the portfolio can be showcased along with visual and descriptive content about the producer. The result of this project consists of ten songs, featuring six different artists and several talented musicians, picture and video documentation of the production process, a self-designed website and brand, but most importantly, a deeper understanding of the producer’s strengths and weaknesses, and the challenges that come with producing records.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


creative project; recording; songwriting; hybrid recording methods; instrumentation; mixing; editing; production; portfolio; producer website; studio recording; rock; r&b; acoustic; singer/songwriter

Project Components

Project Components: one project video (.mov), one paper (.pdf), production portfolio (one ZIP file containing eight .wav audio files and one .mp3 audio file), one megamix video (.mov).

Developing a Production Portfolio and Establishing a Brand