‘Chroma’: A Multimedia Immersive Experience

‘Chroma’: A Multimedia Immersive Experience


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An EP of original music was written, produced and recorded; which was accompanied live by a full audiovisual setup that was constructed under the idea of combining sound, light and visuals to create an immersive experience that aimed to give the audience a synesthetic experience and that served as a strong artistic statement of linking what we see with what we hear. Lights were controlled real-time by using both MIDI and audio sources and the visuals responded to the same principle and were projected onto screens on the stage. This served as the groundwork for an ambitious stage setup that will enable the synchronized performance of music, light and visuals as a unity without the need of an incredibly expensive configuration.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


EP; live; performance; lights; DMX; visuals; creative; color; MIDI

Project Components

Project Components: one project video (.m4v), one paper (.pdf), one EP (one ZIP file containing five .wav audio files), performance videos (one ZIP file containing two .m4v files), one megamix video (.m4v), project files (one ZIP file)

‘Chroma’: A Multimedia Immersive Experience