Jasmine Olinga: A Debut EP

Jasmine Olinga: A Debut EP


Jasmine Howard


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This project aims to engage listeners in a serene and cinematic soundscape filled with fluidity and depth, soulful vocals and organic compositions. By bringing together elements of multiple musical styles and genres, this body of work allows diverse influences to surface and blend together in a refreshing and accessible combination of Latin pop, indie folk, impressionism, and acoustic soul. The deliverable of this project is the artist’s self-titled debut EP, exploring themes of nature, human connection and love. The process included writing, arranging, rehearsing, workshopping, testing out six different vocal microphones, recording, re-recording, overproducing tracks and backtracking to more minimal production in Pro Tools and Ableton Live. Over months of trial and error in recording and production, with the help of three engineers and nineteen musicians, the artist was able to translate their vision into reality. Hopefully, the music can serve as a source for healing and lift people up when they most need it.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


creative project; recording; composition; performance; songwriting; singing; studio recording; microphones; multicultural

Project Components

Project Components: one project video (.mp4), one reflection paper (.pdf), audio tracks (one ZIP file containing four .wav audio files), one megamix video (.mp4).

Jasmine Olinga: A Debut EP