A Nocturnal Audio-Visual Journey

A Nocturnal Audio-Visual Journey


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This project entailed the creation of electronic music and visual material. These were later combined in an audio-visual live performance. The end objective of this project is to add a different style of spectacle to the Nocturnal Status project. The latter is a combination project founded by Rohan Bhatia-Newman and Ben Ricketts, based primarily in Miami. The process of this project included creating the music first, followed by the custom visual content. Ableton was used to create the music while Photoshop, After Effects, and Synesthesia were used for visual content creation. Finally, the audio-visual set was built in Ableton and Resolume Arena, allowing the performer to control different parameters of the visuals. The short fifteen minute performance focuses on the demonstrating a high level of synced parameters in the audio and visual components, truly showing that they are interacting and complementing each other in a meaningful and creative way.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Audio-visual; electronic music; Ableton; Resolume

Project Components

Project Components: one project video (.mp4), one paper (.pdf), one presentation (.pptx), one performance video (.mp4).

A Nocturnal Audio-Visual Journey