VDiVaio Presents: Form Constants

VDiVaio Presents: Form Constants


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Form Constants is Vittoriano Di Vaio’s first project as VDiVaio. It is a solo performance of music and video art narrated by the artist himself, a story that recalls feelings of nostalgia in the aftermath of heartbreak and his coming to terms with uncertainty on the road that lies ahead. To tell this story the way he wanted, this artist needed to explore tools that were previously unfamiliar to him. In the process, he developed a custom audiovisual performance system, a skill set in projection mapping, and most importantly, a workflow for developing music and video content in parallel. Aside from the steep learning curve associated with these tasks, this artist encountered another challenge: finding his ‘sound’ within the music, and producing something that feels both original and authentic to himself. Going forward, this artist hopes to continue performing and adapting Form Constants for different live settings, while he works on publishing and promoting his flagship singles as VDiVaio.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: one project video (.mov), one reflection paper (.pdf), one presentation (.pdf), one megamix video (.mov), live set project files (ZIP file).

VDiVaio Presents: Form Constants