VV: Exploring Self-Love through a Second- Generation Lens

VV: Exploring Self-Love through a Second- Generation Lens



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This Culminating Experience Project is a creative project consisting of a visual EP, titled ‘VV’. The purpose of creating this EP derives from the lack of South Asian representation in Western media, and the desire to utilize South Indian Classical music, more specifically Carnatic music, with popular music such as the RnB and Electronic genres. Utilizing information from cross-cultural studies, the EP thematically focuses on second-generation (the children of immigrants) identity and self-love. This project was multifaceted in nature and challenging as it required the author to engage in the following with limited prior experience: producing, songwriting, experimentation with hybrid recording techniques, electronic production, mixing, video production and editing and collaborating with others. The main body of work is a five-track EP, and features self-produced, self-written music that explores themes such as identity, heritage, mental health, and love in the context of navigating through two cultures as a second-generation British Asian immigrant. The music falls into the genre of Alternative RnB and Electronic music, but also feature elements of South Indian Classical music. To accompany the music, there are two music videos that illustrate the themes further. ‘VV’ requires further development, but nonetheless fills an evident gap within contemporary music.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: one project video, one reflection paper, one presentation, EP (one ZIP file containing 5 .mp3 audio files), one megamix, one music video.

VV: Exploring Self-Love through a Second- Generation Lens