From Nowhere to Everywhere: Lady Blackice Album

From Nowhere to Everywhere: Lady Blackice Album



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The culminating experience project called ‘‘Lady Blackice’’ is a 12 tracks album. This project was achieved by the female artist Audrey Cousineau. This album demonstrates different genres and influences like Electronic Dance Music, Deep House, Reggaeton, and Pop music. This Canadian DJ from Montreal is presenting the final project at the end of her formation in the Music Production, Technology & Innovation program at Berklee Valencia. A concert and listening party were also a part of the whole plan. For this event, the pieces were introduced by a live performance at a venue in Valencia (Spain). This project is the first album in her career as a DJ and producer. She integrated other musicians to her project as she wanted the music to be more collaborative and not only performed or created by one person only.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: one project video, one reflection paper, one presentation, one album (ZIP file containing 12 .mp3 audio files), megamix video.

From Nowhere to Everywhere: Lady Blackice Album