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This paper will discuss Javier Martin’s contribution to “Electro Shock”, the final project for his Master’s degree in Music Production, Technology and Innovation. Electro Shock is a collaborative project between two peer students, Javier Martin and Leanne Moser, based on the idea of experimenting with mixing EDM and rock music. It will be presented as an EP containing 4 songs and also as an audiovisual set, with interactive live performance and original visuals. Javier’s official part in the project was to mix Leanne’s Rock demos and blend them with his own electronic parts. He found it difficult to remix them without diminishing their strong social messages and their old structure. But with an open mind and respect for the demos, Javier gained skills in the field of mixing several new instruments and musical styles and Electro Shock was completed successfully and showcased proudly during his final Master’s defense.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: one project video, one reflection paper, EP (one ZIP file containing 4 .mp3 files).

Electro Shock