Electro Shock

Electro Shock


Leanne Moser



For her Culminating Experience project at Berklee College of Music, Leanne Moser used her composition and engineering skills in collaboration with a talented electronic producer, Javier Martin, and created a 4 track EP of original music, which was later on performed as an audio-visual set. Their goal was to combine their strengths, and produce audio and visuals united to highlight messages for social change. The tracks are hybrid electronic compositions with lyrical content that promotes social themes, the visuals showcase the discussed themes in a hyperbolic, ironic sense. She was challenged by cooperating the several different styles together in her arrangements, and the amount of new technologies she needed to get comfortable with. She learned how to work as part of a duo, and how to use several new software and hardware. With hard work and passion, the project was successfully completed and presented as part of her master’s degree.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: one project video, one reflection paper, EP (one ZIP file containing 4 .mp3 files).

Electro Shock