Ecuadorian Grooves: Innovating music heritage


Ecuadorian Grooves: Innovating music heritage


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Ecuadorian Grooves was born in the Spring of 2014. Its main goal was redefining and innovating Ecuadorian music by rescuing traditional rhythms and music styles and fusing them with contemporary music genres, thereby creating new sounds that will attract a young audience as well as future generations. The main objective of this culminating experience was to produce an EP called ALMA (that means, soul), comprised of two original songs, written using traditional Ecuadorian rhythms, and two modern arrangements of folk songs, with redefined contemporary music elements, including hybrid composition and innovative technology. The second objective was to produce a live performance focusing on the interaction between Ableton Live and a live ensemble, creating unique compositions that combined the organic sound of the musicians on stage with the new electronic sound design.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one video file, one EP (ZIP file containing four audio files and two image files), one paper, one presentation.

Ecuadorian Grooves: Innovating music heritage