Have Fun Be Lighthearted– A Creative Video Portfolio

Have Fun Be Lighthearted– A Creative Video Portfolio


Matt Capone



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With a mission to convey the fun and lightheartedness that can be had with electronic dance music, this project is a creative video portfolio broken down into three original video series: LIGHT-hearted, Mini Racerz, and Ableton Live Performances. It is entirely self-produced and the videos utilize many different digital and technological mediums, including dance music, phone screens, animation, LEDs, and simple dance choreography. One of the biggest challenges faced was figuring out the longevity of the video series, and whether videos within each series should be tied together through a unique storyline or should simply be made to showcase the technical and creative processes explored throughout the year. While it was ultimately decided to go with the latter to maintain the videos’ fun and momentary nature, future projects conducted by the artist may be pushed further and will continue the mission of bringing fun and lightheartedness to music and art.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


electronic dance music; fun and positive message; creative 2d animations; art on Instagram and social media; multimedia video portfolio; Arduino LEDs; music with smartphones

Project Components

Project Components: one video portfolio, one reflection paper.

Have Fun Be Lighthearted– A Creative Video Portfolio