Global Folk Music Evolution through Technology

Global Folk Music Evolution through Technology


Andrew Skinner


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This artistic research project is an audio engineering, sound design, and electronic music production portfolio which explores the social, cultural, and political potential for furthering traditional and folk music styles through creative music production techniques and spaces. This topic is explored through a series of collaborations with folk musicians around the world, resulting in a collection of acoustic music recordings, and an EP of ambient electronic music. A sound design library and educational content component are created to accompany each recording. This project seeks to define new paradigms for producing folk music styles and challenges the dichotomy of acoustic and electronic music.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Folk Music; Electronic Music; Audio Engineering; Sound Design; folklore; folk- music; identity; cultural dialog

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), EP (ZIP file containing 4 .wav audio files), engineering portfolio (ZIP file containing 8 .wav audio files), performance video (.mp4).

Global Folk Music Evolution through Technology