Who Am I?: A Songwriting and Production Exploration


Who Am I?: A Songwriting and Production Exploration


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The author, a recording artist from New Jersey, created a portfolio of original music that allowed him to explore songwriting, performing, producing, and engineering in various musical genres: pop funk, electronic pop, rap, and contemporary musical theatre. The purpose of the project was to focus the artist’s eclectic taste and discover his unique voice while allowing him to practice the technical and creative skills that the modern recording industry requires. The music created explored the interplay of mental health and LGBTQ+ issues, specifically illustrating the upbringing of Nicolosi as a gay man in the United States and his history with anxiety and depression. After nearly a year of attempting to find his ideal musical style in order create a cohesive body of work, Nicolosi learned that he didn’t have to commit to any particular genre as long as he stayed authentic to himself.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

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Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), song (.wav).

Who Am I?: A Songwriting and Production Exploration