Dream-Folk EP & Watercolor Visuals

Dream-Folk EP & Watercolor Visuals


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This project combines three areas of interest that Delia Joyce grew up around — mixed media art, music, and social movements. It will be an EP of five original songs, woven together through watercolor visuals and abstract video. Each song will tell a different story. Themes of mental health, sexuality, intersectionality, social media, body image, sexual assault, and nature will weave throughout the entire EP. Delia’s objective for this project is to tell difficult and colorful stories from her own life in a way that is accessible to a diverse audience and connect those folks who share some of the same experiences.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Storytelling; dream-folk; technology; nature; watercolor

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), EP (ZIP file containing 5 .wav audio files), music videos (ZIP file containing 5 .mp4 files).

Dream-Folk EP & Watercolor Visuals