5/23 Realization of Self

5/23 Realization of Self


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5/23 is an extended play album (EP) that tells a compelling and relatable story of self- realization through heart break, addiction, debt and love. The lyrical subject matter is drawn from life changing personal experiences from the protagonist’s life. Musical elements of the EP are aesthetically contemporary and innovative in their presentation, style, and storytelling. This project is a means to process and express life changing events that led the protagonist to where he is today. The EP is roughly 10 minutes in length, with four songs that serve as acts in the overall storyline.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


EP; songwriting; hybrid recording methods; music production; storytelling; contemporary R&B; pop; electronic music

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), EP (ZIP file containing 4 .wav audio files, 1 .pdf document).

5/23 Realization of Self