Roaring 20s: A Self-Produced Visual EP

Roaring 20s: A Self-Produced Visual EP


Jorge E. Vidal


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This project aims to develop a visual EP that will position the creator as a writer, musician, music producer, video producer, engineer & programmer. Through the process of pre- production, production, mixing and creating visuals, a project titled Roaring 20s will be developed that will innovate and push the creative boundaries within the creator. The EP will consist of four songs that will carry a theme, and originally were going to have a visual cohesive story, but due to unforeseen circumstances, evolved to accompanying lyric videos that illustrate and evoke the emotions each song is conveying. The author comes from a background of home studio audiovisuals. Therefore, this project aims to elevate the author’s skills with the goal of developing professional audiovisual production. This will be accomplished through the use of studio knowledge and etiquette applying songwriting, production, engineering and video production/editing learned throughout the year at Berklee College of Music.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: reflection paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), music videos (ZIP file containing 4. mp4 files).

Roaring 20s: A Self-Produced Visual EP