Black Winter: Letting Go

Black Winter: Letting Go



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This culminating experience serves to captivate the audience by taking them on a musical journey by using the real-life experiences of the author and conveying them into a musical domain, allowing listeners to feel the emotions that the author felt. The album itself consists of 11 original songs that are very versatile and unique, but maintain a consistent theme. The genre of the album is Alternative R&B with a splash of Hip-Hop, as the artists look to use a modern and original style of musical harmony to translate these experiences to the audience. The album was produced entirely by the author, but the singing and songwriting was done by one of the authors’ close friends who offered her voice to help bring the project to life. The research consists of a wide variety of artists of different musical styles who have graced the world with meaningful music and visuals. The author has studied how these artists have reached success musically through lyricism, emotional significance in music, and unique visuals that have contributed to a forever evolving industry, as he wishes to touch the listeners on a deeper level than just hearing.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), report (.pdf), album (ZIP file containing 11 .wav audio files).

Black Winter: Letting Go