Rainbow Beam Dreams: Rabellion's Debut Album

Rainbow Beam Dreams: Rabellion's Debut Album



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This Culminating Experience (CE) Project consists of writing, recording and producing a full-length album during the course of study of the MPTI program, along with preparing it for digital launch. The album includes 8 songs, in the style of indie-electronic pop. The instrumentation includes: vocals, electric/ambient guitar, electric bass combined with electronic subs, synths, drums, live percussion, and electronic beat arrangements mostly composed by Tati Rabell (singer-songwriter-producer), with featured collaborators. All live instruments were recorded in the Berklee Valencia studios, and all electronic compositions have been created from scratch as part of the MPTI course of study. The album will be launched as a digital LP on all online platforms, and subsequently each single will have its own video launch each month thereafter, combining original art, reactive visuals, and performance recordings. This album additionally launches Tati Rabell’s rebrand as “Rabellion”, her new indie-electronic project.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), report (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), album (ZIP file containing 8 .wav audio files).

Rainbow Beam Dreams: Rabellion's Debut Album