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Futurus combined performative music technology and transhumanist philosophy to create an impactful audiovisual performance. As humanity hurtles towards a technological future, it is vital that the arts provide a conduit through which to critique our blind acceptance of new global technology trends, and imagine the consequences of their use beyond the scope of the next market quarter. Futurus provided a memorable experience that spurred heightened audience awareness towards social action on the topic of human interaction with technology. In avoiding the common pitfall of prescriptive worldview, the lyrical and topical content of Futurus was open-ended to diminish the presence of the artist’s ego and encourage the audience’s own reflection. Electronic and technologically-reliant performances often lack the impactfulness of live instrumentation and band interaction. In Futurus the impact of the set was enhanced with careful attention paid to performative instrumentation choices. Through a collaboration with another student, Rubén Prados, and his Culminating Experience project, sounds were visualized as vivid, abstract projections to highlight the disparities and connections between human and machine.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), performance video (.mov).