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Rainbow for Tomorrow is a community and participatory art in the form of interactive audio and visual installation. This installation uses a MIDI controller built using an Arduino micro-controller, enabling the participant to create visuals and sound by moving the controller. The controller sends out data from the accelerometer, which is built into the micro-controller, which will then send data to Max MSP. Max MSP will then send out data through Open Sound Control (OSC), a network protocol, to Processing, a software that uses coding to create visuals that will be projected on a wall. Max MSP will also use the accelerometer data from the controller to send out MIDI data to Ableton, a Digital Audio Workstation, and output to multiple speakers in the installation. During the process, one of the biggest challenges was building the controller, coding in numerous software, and ensuring communication between the controller and software. This installation is an artistic concept. The mission is to let the various community participate in creating visual art and interact with the installation uniquely wherever the installation is held.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), 3D model (ZIP file containing 3 .stl files), Ableton project files (ZIP file containing 2 .als files, 1 .cfg file), Max project files (ZIP file containing 1 .maxproj file, 1 .maxpat file), Arduino code (ZIP file containing 1 .ino document), processing files (ZIP file containing 3 .pde files).

Rainbow for Tomorrow