Ficciones: The Audiovisual Imaginarium of et Lūmen

Ficciones: The Audiovisual Imaginarium of et Lūmen



Technology is one of the most relevant creative forces behind music creation. Apart from being a social and cultural phenomena, music is a response to the technological possibilities of a specific period of time. This project, for instance, is determined to explore the new possibilities encountered in audio and visual softwares to create a Conceptual Audiovisual Extended Play Album that consists of five songs that will be accompanied by a series of animated video clips for the artistic musical project: et Lūmen. The main objective is to explore the different ways music can be presented in the digital realm that can enrich the musical experience presented by the artist: et Lūmen. This project is meant to push boundaries of music creation by designing an immersive experience that is thought to be centered on the relationship between music and visuals. This will be done by taking advantage of new technologies to confront the boundaries of music technology resulting in a new perspective and approach to human expression and artistic endeavors.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), EP (ZIP file containing 5 .wav files, 1 .png), music videos (ZIP file containing 5 .mp4 files).

Ficciones: The Audiovisual Imaginarium of et Lūmen