Mental Health Diary

Mental Health Diary


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Mental health disorders are becoming more prevalent and the research to fully understand it is becoming more discussed recently. Due to this, a lot of mediums have been used to work around in researching mental health and spreading awareness. In this study, an artistic approach to study mental health was done through an elaborate creation of an audiovisual representation of a major depressive disorder (MDD) crisis, along with the experimental approach of the stages a patient experiences during this process. It intends to explore sonically and visually the mysteries of the human mind, based on the author’s personal experiences with mental health disorders and scientific research. For this specific study, the author portrayed the phase of declining into a depressive crisis through presenting ten instrumental tracks accompanied by self-generated video content. The products produced were executed with the use of Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Max MSP, Logic Pro X, Protools and an iPhone 11 for the creation of the musical and video content.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Depression; mental health; MDD; stress; psychiatry; psychology; therapy; antidepressants; meditation; mindfulness; society; brain; neuroscience; ambient; incidental; experimental; treatment

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), audio tracks (ZIP file containing 9 .wav files, 1 .mp3 file), music videos (ZIP file containing 10 .mp4 files).


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Mental Health Diary