The Birth of a Man


The Birth of a Man


Rayan Khoury


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My focus at the beginning of the year was on creating music that was pleasant enough to be played at the beach during a sunset. I thought that this was my CE. But as time passes, I decide to push my limits by creating music outside my comfort zone. The fall semester is over, and I realize that I have acquired the right skills to produce, compose, and mix any genre of music I can imagine. Then suddenly it hits me! It’s not about a specific theme (sunset music) and it’s not about the music either. In this world, we have to define ourselves. By doing so, it is easier to see the bigger picture. All of a sudden, everything is clearer. I have to choose a symbol to represent my music, my work. It is the same as a superhero trying to protect his identity, by day he is Bruce Wayne and by night he is Batman. In other words, I work on my music and whenever I perform, I choose to become the symbol that represents my work.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one project video file, one album (ZIP file containing twelve audio files), one paper, one presentation.

The Birth of a Man