Commune with the Cosmos

Commune with the Cosmos


Robert Koeck



The objective of this project was to produce a melodic techno album that combined an organic and emotive approach to songwriting, while maintaining the darker and harder themes of techno music. The purpose was to bridge the gap between synthesized electronic music and the use of acoustic instruments in order to produce a cohesive body of music. It was the culmination of the many musical influences the artist ‘Amalle’ has absorbed over the years. From the heavy bass synths found from the sounds of dubstep, the ethereal feeling of hearing a well-recorded guitar, to the atmospheric soundscapes heard within the realm of film, this EP became everything ‘Amalle’.

Publication Date



Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), presentation (.pptx), EP (ZIP file containing 6 .wav files, 1 .flac file), music videos (ZIP file containing 2 .mp4 files).

Commune with the Cosmos