Anthology of Non-Male Stories Through Electronic Music

Anthology of Non-Male Stories Through Electronic Music


Alai Ormazabal


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This creative project aims to create an album that explores the collective experience of being a non-male person through sonic landscapes and gathered testimonies. The idea comes from the desire to bring up situations involving microaggressions and toxic masculinity that every non-male lives. For this, the project wants to translate the feelings those situations create into sonic landscapes for the listener to enter the experience together with some reflections in testimonies as interludes. This idea is carried out by trying to find the middle ground between the sound design of a scene and a musical piece that would be delivered in the form of an LP. The musical elements in this project are produced electronically although not tied to a specific genre as the sounds are at the service of creating a scene portraying specific feelings.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


creative project; recording; composition; electronic production; LP; MIDI; storytelling; interviews

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), paper (.pdf), album (ZIP file containing 9 .aiff files).

Anthology of Non-Male Stories Through Electronic Music