Juke: An Audiovisual Universe

Juke: An Audiovisual Universe



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This project presents a new interactive audiovisual game with applications in entertainment, music creation, and education. In the game, dubbed Juke, a gamer and musician team up to guide an animated character to the end of a song without falling. Unity, p5.js, JavaScript, and Python scripts are used to create the game, and original musical compositions are incorporated to engage the users. Unity provides a more comprehensive and versatile framework to run the game, while P5.js allows for quick prototyping and development of visual ideas. P5.js ultimately served as the platform for the game demo in this project. Juke’s vision is four-fold: (1) to inspire others to engage with audio and music on a deeper level; (2) to provide a new way to co-create music in real time; (3) to foster connection between musicians and gamers; and (4) to make learning and practicing an instrument more social and fun.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


technological application; Unity; p5

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), project files (ZIP file).

Juke: An Audiovisual Universe