Baby Beatmakers: Prototyping A Groundbreaking Play Experience

Baby Beatmakers: Prototyping A Groundbreaking Play Experience


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This project aims to develop and prototype a groundbreaking interactive musical toy for infants age six months to two years old. Using technology including a single-board computer (SBC), Max/MSP for audio and multimedia programming, and touch and motion sensors, this toy creates an unprecedented interactive musical experience for the infants and a pleasant and unique listening experience for adults. Virtually all musical baby toys currently on the market offer limited interactivity and feature either playback of recorded audio or simple keyboard interfaces. For adults, the music generated by most of these is either uninteresting or quickly becomes annoying. This toy uses custom algorithms and digital sampling to create generative music based on input from touch and motion sensors that is both pleasant and interesting, and allows a profound level of interactivity without requiring any skill or intention from the infant.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Musical Toys; Infant Development; Music Technology; Computer Music

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), maxpatch files (ZIP file containing 1 .maxpat file, 3 .wav fiels, 2 .wav.asd files, 35 .txt files), project files (ZIP file containing 1 .ino file).

Baby Beatmakers: Prototyping A Groundbreaking Play Experience