INO CON 2021: Production and Technical Manager

INO CON 2021: Production and Technical Manager



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This project aims to learn all the aspects involved with the production of a cutting-edge multi-day music event and concert and concurrent music industry conference, both by leading the technical team that organized INOCON and through the collaboration with BV production department, in INOCON and in the Commencement Concert. Ensuring that all audiovisual assets are organized and meet high-quality standards, choosing a streaming platform that offers the best conditions for a high-quality event, and the coordination of the production team during and after the event are the key tasks for this project. This event will be streamed globally and will feature lectures, workshops, multimedia performances and networking opportunities. The production team needs to provide a high-quality virtual experience for each of the mentioned features. It is worth mentioning that this event will provide an opportunity for artists aiming to grow their careers and gain recognition from their performances.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


live performance; event; concert; production; streaming; inocon

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), outcome paper (.pdf), reflection paper (.pdf).

INO CON 2021: Production and Technical Manager