The Architecture of Musical Expression

The Architecture of Musical Expression



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This project aims to explore the inherent relationship that exists between music and architecture. From the design of concert halls to how architecture can shape itself to sound as a means of reflecting space, this cross-disciplinary approach aims to investigate beyond the interweaving similarities between the two in terms of proportion and underlying rhythms. Apart from the circumscribed aesthetics and acoustics, this project will delve into music and architecture as an immersive experience by interconnecting directly the design of a space with a composition of music and research the experiential quality of inhabiting a space. Through audiovisual elements and 3D modelling tools, each piece of music presented here will have an ‘architectural space’ that has been created specifically from the same elements presented in the music, to not only showcase the final product of making the ‘architecture of music’ but also the process by which it can a spatial experience can be achieved.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Architecture; Music; 3D modelling; design; audiovisual

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), music tracks (ZIP file containing 4 .wav files), music videos (ZIP file containing 4 .mp4 files).

The Architecture of Musical Expression