Learning Effects: The Next Stage of Audio Effects Education

Learning Effects: The Next Stage of Audio Effects Education


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Modern-day music education has changed drastically in the past decade. Globally, music education syllabi have started to include the use of technology in music, covering topics on recording and electronic music production through programs like Ableton Live. There is an increasing need to equip music-tech educators at every level with a set of tools that will aid in teaching various concepts within the software. This project aims to produce a set of customised Max MSP devices specifically tailored to aid educators in teaching the concept of audio effects within Live, hence providing a more standardised set of teaching materials at the disposal of the educator. The Max for Live (M4L) devices were designed with the needs of the students and educators in mind, helping to provide intuitive teaching material that boosts the overall learning experience. Covering such a large array of topics at varying levels of understanding proved to be difficult. Future cooperation and collaboration with Ableton and its Certified Trainer community will prove useful in bringing this project to its fullest potential. It is intended for this project to inspire innovation in music education and further integration of music technology in modern-day music education.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


music education; music technology; music production; Max MSP; Max for Live; M4L; Ableton Live

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), cirricular materials (ZIP file containing 3 .pdf files), Max4Live devices (ZIP file containing 9 .amxd files, 1 .rtf documet).

Learning Effects: The Next Stage of Audio Effects Education