Sancocho. Sampling Traditional Colombian Culture

Sancocho. Sampling Traditional Colombian Culture


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The culminating experience is based in exploring in depth the world of recording engineering and its possibilities to build an innovative bundle (sample pack) that showcases Colombian culture. The main idea behind the bundle musical wise: Provide tools to beat makers and producers that are unique and interesting but that also showcase the beauty and cultural traditions of Colombia. Engineering wise is for it to be very intuitive and that any person new or experienced in beatmaking can make good use of it. Designed to be a very musical pack, the samples will work with each other, this with the purpose of making the creation process more effective without losing the musicality. The pack will be divided in the following categories: One Shots, Loops, Kontakt Instruments, digital synthesizer presets and an audio effect rack. This way it would be possible to play the instruments on all the octaves of your MIDI Keyboard and to change certain dynamic and modulation parameters to taste. After the release, an EP will be composed using the bundle, featuring talents from Berklee in an attempt to promote collectivity during these COVID- 19 times.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), sample pack (ZIP file containing 756 .wav files, 3 .pdf documents, 1 .adg file, 2 .nicnt files, 6 .nki files, 7 .png files, 7 .vital files).

Sancocho. Sampling Traditional Colombian Culture