When Worlds Collab


When Worlds Collab


William Cumella


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My culminating experience, entitled “When Worlds Collab”, is a portfolio of collaborative studio recordings where I filled roles such as songwriter, guitarist, producer, engineer, mixer, and mastering engineer. The project highlights several different musical genres and production styles; spanning jazz, pop, R&B, metal, and EDM; also representing nationalities such as American, Spanish, Ecuadorian, Puerto Rican, Chilean, and Chinese. This worldly project highlights my overall skills as a Swiss army knife in the studio displaying versed musicianship, modern and competitive engineering/mixing skills, and hopefully, some hits! The main component of the physical work consists of four original studio recordings, along with a promotional video and original album art all available for free on YouTube and SoundCloud. Each song was a completely different and innovative production process, in which I had to wear many hats, in order to achieve high quality studio track. This project is embedded with state- of-the-art recording, editing, mixing and mastering, techniques.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one project video file, four music tracks (ZIP file containing four audio files), one report, one presentation.

When Worlds Collab