Evolving the Flamenco Cajón


Evolving the Flamenco Cajón



A standalone acoustic-digital instrument, evolved from the flamenco cajón, that expands the percussionists’ toolbox and fusion the organic nature of the cajón with the endless possibilities of the digital universe. Using pressure and sound sensors to capture playing information, this instrument will be able to communicate with existing and most used applications through hardware and software bridges like Arduino and MAX. This instrument will be an evolution of the flamenco cajón, and will start from a regular cajón that expand its capabilities using sensors, and a micro-computer to make a complete sound and effects generation system controlled by the cajon player that could be plugged directly into a speaker or amp. It will also serve as a MIDI controller that you can plug into a computer or a MIDI device. The micro-computer could be a single board (like Arduino) or a board arrangement (Arduino + Raspberry Pi, Arduino + Extensions...).

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

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Evolving the Flamenco Cajón