interim: A ​Restorative Nap Optimization Experience


interim: A ​Restorative Nap Optimization Experience


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interim is an immersive sound installation that blends generative musical structures with live improvisation to create a meditative auditory experience. It explores the efficacy of ambient music in a controlled environment to induce a state of relaxation and introspection in the audience. The installation was first held in Sala C, where we provided four hammocks in which the audience could relax. The lighting in the room was kept dim, lit primarily by projected video of soothing abstract imagery while we performed an extended set of ambient electronic music. We joined forces in order to create a venue in which to present our music and further define a structure around which it is oriented. In the process, we solidified our direction and philosophy: music as nap therapy. With this goal in place the project rapidly took shape, with the room chosen and organized in order to provide minimal sensory input, and furniture selected to provide a relaxing and open way to experience the music. The original plans for an interactive audio/visual installation evolved into a minimalistic, generative electronic performance, a sort of anti-concert, in which the performers are out of sight, the visuals are designed to be utilitarian and the goal of the music is to put the audience to sleep.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one project video file, one report, one presentation (ZIP file).

interim: A ​Restorative Nap Optimization Experience