Electronic Turntablism

Electronic Turntablism


Elliott Sabbagh


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This CE project will combine my engineering and Dj’ing/ Live performance skills into one cohesive final product displaying my ability’s in both subjects. With creating each stem compiling my entire piece, I would like to perform my track using each stem on separate turntables and mix them during a live performance. My Culminating Experience project will consist of an original track produced by myself while featuring artists and instrumentalists from Berklee Valencia, Berklee Boston, and my contacts within the states. I would like to include a male vocalist as well as a female vocalist to feature on either my track’s hook, or harmonies thought-out the song. The track will be tracked, mixed, and mastered by myself in Studio A and AKSS scoring stage. The track would release on Spotify, iTunes, and Tidal as the first track under my own name on any of the 3 streaming services.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: one project video (.mp4), one performance video (.mov), one music video (.mp4), one presentation (.pdf), one audio track (.wav).

Electronic Turntablism