Experiences Begotten of a Lack Thereof

Experiences Begotten of a Lack Thereof


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This Project serves two purposes: the first being a journal, providing a full account of my actions, artistic decisions and final results, with the second purpose as a self-critique and analysis of my performance throughout the course of the project. I opted to score music to a drone shoot of the Wind Rivers, Wyoming. However, the video needed to be edited to an appropriate length which by the nature of the act doubled somewhat as a spotting session. My first draft I ultimately scrapped; one of my greatest weaknesses is with the digital half of music and music production so I altered my project which was originally designed as an orchestral work to that of hybrid score. I needed to be able to orchestrate from MIDI faster, so I took the time to experiment with drafting software. For an extra challenge I wrote the score to demand special additions to my mix. My intention is that my work and assessment will provide insight and a guide to future composers who similarly have faced these challenges.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Film Scoring; Hybrid Scoring; Post Production; Mixing; Orchestration; Journal; Critique

Experiences Begotten of a Lack Thereof