The Portal: Hybrid Scoring for Video Games

The Portal: Hybrid Scoring for Video Games


Octavio Bernal


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This thesis is the description of steps for finding a project, the composing process of a hybrid score, mixing and some suggestions for producing an orchestral recording session. I used a cinematic from a triple A game and did a rescore for my CE. In this thesis, I’ll explain my musical background, some compositional and technical aspects of producing a hybrid score and finally I’ll explain some important steps for the mixing process. For this project, I used a lot of synthesizers and contemporary compositional techniques. Creating a hybrid score requires the expertise in orchestral and electronic music in order to merge the two worlds correctly. This thesis reflects all the experience that I obtained in the master program including the disciplines of composing, sound design, conducting, creating parts and preparing a Pro Tools session for the recording. I hope that this thesis helps future professionals to prepare an orchestral recording at any studio around the world.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


video game scoring; compositional devices; conducting; sound design; mixing

The Portal: Hybrid Scoring for Video Games