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At the beginning, when I just realize about the final CE project recording, I started looking for a video that can really match the idea that I had in mind, I wanted to compose an amazing piece that would be able to translate all my orchestration, composition, and screen reading abilities that I have, as well as all the improvements I made the whole year in Berklee. With this in mind I told my tutor that I was planning to compose for three videos instead of one. All the composition process would take place in the Digital Work Station (DAW) Cubase in which I was still getting used to, instead of Logic or Digital Performer programs in which I have big experience working on, with this I wanted to force myself to learn a new process with this new tool. After composing for the three videos I was planning to select one of them and start creating the score and parts as well as cleaning some of the orchestration in my score editor Sibelius. This I just mention was my first plan and I started doing it with more than one month in advance.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Underwater Landscape: From the Image to the Music