Murderer With The Mask

Murderer With The Mask


Srikant Krishna



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The 3-minute musical piece Murderer with the Mask is a very personal and intimate track, which reflects my musical personality in its truest sense, as of today. I have always been fascinated by Thriller and Horror movies and this track is a reflection of all those emotions, experiences and passion for such genre. The track is also a well-thought of and constructed score that incorporates methodical musical phrasing, experimental yet relatable motifs along with clichés that have been proven to amplify the desired emotion through decades of successful film scores. I am proud of my work on this score, since it incorporates analysis of dozens of scores, my Indian theoretical ideas of scales along with a professional film scoring approach. The pleasure of recording in one of the esteemed studios of Hollywood was the icing on the cake for this thesis. This piece has prepared me to take care of the complete end-end production of a music score for any media right from concept to final deliver.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


film scoring; thriller movies; Indian scales; scoring process

Murderer With The Mask