Disorder: Animation “Science Soldiers” Trailer

Disorder: Animation “Science Soldiers” Trailer


Tianqi He



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Disorder is the final project I did this year for the London recording. In fact, the type of the music is not what I am fond of. Nor do I write this style in usual. But I believe it is end up being my best work so far, and I am proud of it, since it marks a starting point of my career life. I am trying to take the challenge of accepting what I have and writing something I am not familiar with, instead of looking for a style of music I am good at and compose. I had so much fun and was fully enlightened during the work. This reflective paper is about the whole process of the culminating experience project, starting from preparation before composition, steps of writing and experience of recording in London Air Studio to final production, including analysis of the score and difficulties I had experienced during the work. Then I will present a short reflection on my music, discussing about any self-evaluation I have in general and what I can do to improve.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


compositional process; orchestration; recording; lesson; reflection

Disorder: Animation “Science Soldiers” Trailer