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This project is the final composition of my year in the Master’s program “Scoring for Film/TV and Videogames” at the Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus. I rescored a science-fiction animation short movie about a female character who is stranded on a foreign planet and is looking for a way to get back home. I faced a lot of challenges scoring this intense little short movie because it has a lot of different moods and I needed to be very precise on the cuts and the action in the picture. Besides that, I had to program a very convincing mockup because at the moment we are not able to record in London as this is usually the case for the culminating experience. Because of the unexpected happening of Covid-19 and the consequences of public life shutting down in almost every European country, we still don’t know when this session is going to happen. Having the possibility to record a three-minute piece in one of the best recording studios of the world is a big honor and I am really looking forward to this experience. Due to the Lockdown Berklee continued with a lot of interesting and additional online workshops which definitely helped us to overcome this unusual situation. At this point I really would like to thank the whole faculty (Lucio, Sergio, Alfons, Vincente and Pablo for their big effort and those extremely useful and inspiring workshops. I tried to use the time at home studying different scores from various animation movies to prepare myself for this final project. I especially tried to include all the things I learned during this past year at Berklee. I hope that this piece of music is the ideal representation of my abilities of scoring to picture and I hope that my personal voice as a composer is recognizable as well.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus