Garden Between Walls

Garden Between Walls


Thomas Bingham



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For my Culminating Experience, I scored the ending sequence from a short film by the name of "Jardín entre paredes" (Spanish for 'Garden between Walls'). The film is directed by Anna Llargués, a student from the ESCAC that I had met through Berklee. In this paper, I go over the research that went into developing such a project, and analyse the score I wrote for it. Through various case studies of films, scores and original pieces from different genres, I determine the technical and artistic tools necessary for the creation and writing of the score. I mobilised these tools throughout the process. On the cinematographic front, I delve into the editing, photography and pacing, while analysing sheet music and recordings on the musical side. I then break down my compositional process by discussing orchestral techniques, musical language and overall sensibility to the scene. The final product blends feelings of nostalgia, triumph and promise to the boyish adventures portrayed in Anna Llargués' "Jardín entre paredes".

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Garden Between Walls