Evergreen Suite

Evergreen Suite


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As a general description Evergreen is a celtic-inspired video game in development by Grentacular Studios. It represents so much more to me, however. Evergreen represents my entire journey through this master’s program, as well as the birth of my professional career. From the first draft I made for the main theme to the current Suite of themes to be recorded in London, one can hear an enormous amount of growth - all of which I have Berklee to thank for. The growth is palpable, so much so that when I listen back to the first draft I made in September, I barely recognize myself in it. My voice is still in that draft, albeit muffled and hidden. Over the course of the year I have learned to let that voice out and be heard in ways I never thought I was capable of. Evergreen also represents my overcoming a fear of failure. If you had told me a year ago that I would be scoring a full length video game with primarily orchestral elements, I would have a) had a panic attack, and b) not believed you. Admittedly, I accepted this job before I was entirely ready. When I was given the cue sheet of all I would have to do (just for the demo) my insecurities began flooding in. I have always struggled with this in my music. It’s never good enough, I can’t do this, I can’t do that, etc. However, in this master’s course the most important knowledge I have gained is learning that I can do this. I can do that. And after all is said and done, it is good enough. I have the entire faculty to thank for this growth, as every member of the teaching staff has instilled in me a different and unique kind of courage. Finally, Evergreen represents my future. Not only have I made a wonderful connection with the director of the game, it has also given me enough courage and credit to seek out new opportunities. In my application to Berklee my biggest desire was to get my foot in the door in the world of Video Games. Now the door is open before me, waiting to be walked through to the next chapter in my life.

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Evergreen Suite