Anxiety: From Sentiment to Audiovisual Music

Anxiety: From Sentiment to Audiovisual Music



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Anxiety is a work whose purpose is the alienation from the most primitive as a feeling towards the most abstract as the art of music. To achieve this objective, I will explain in the different areas such as: harmony, rhythm, motives, orchestration, etc. the different use of resources for such alienation. How the three major sections of music work internally and together will be presented. Although the theme to be musicalized may seem monotonous, the intention is to give it heterogeneity but without forgetting the overall structure and aesthetic homogeneity of it. The video presented in this work was created by me, not the images, but the editing and the script were made by me. The music I have composed will try to convey that elemental feeling.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


film scoring; harmony as a descriptor; music composition; orchestration; rhythm for image

Anxiety: From Sentiment to Audiovisual Music