Scoring for picture and listening longevity

Scoring for picture and listening longevity


Stuart Bramwell



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I have explored the ability to write a musical score that both serves its picture and is effective as a standalone piece of music. I wanted to understand the longevity the music we write has. This is important for numerous reasons, foremost our financial income. With our upfront fee’s often not meeting expectations and backend royalties challenged at every turn, making sure our music is listenable and consumable on a mass-scale is, in my opinion, more important than ever in order to receive streaming royalties. - that is, royalties generated only by the audio being played. The benefits that come with this are extremely rewarding to any composer. To gain an audience with the work you complete is, I believe, crucial. To write music that only serves the picture can result in the soundtrack ‘dying with the film’, so as long as we do serve the picture and write music that fits (as a priority), why not then try and get the best of both worlds and make it then next YouTube hit?

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Scoring for picture and listening longevity