The tomb of Alexander the Great

The tomb of Alexander the Great


Aleix Losa



After a year of trying to find myself as an artist and as an ever-growing person, I am now at the culmination of that experience. I finally have the chance to set my final piece of music, which will be recorded at Air Studios in London. The amount of grace I feel at this moment is incredible and overwhelming at the same time. I cannot put into words what is going on in this moment not only in my head, but also in my heart and emotions. Everything is a beautiful jumble of realisations, adventures and new bonds that will surely last for a long time. Since I graduated from university, I knew I wanted to go down the path of film scoring. Actually, I just thought I wanted to be a storyteller, whether it was through films, theatre, or just using music as a path to bring the audience together. I've studied music since I was a little kid, and it's been with me for a long time now. So I wanted to show the world how much good music has done for me, and how much better and greater it can do for future generations.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

The tomb of Alexander the Great