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The goal of this Culminating Experience project was to write a 3-minute piece of music for a video or script to serve as the exemplification and reflection of everything I learned during my year in the Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games Master’s program at Berklee Valencia. To achieve this goal, I wrote an original score for the animated short film, "Superhero for Mayor", in collaboration with its creator, Hank Farr. To accompany the theme and tone of the video, the music incorporates elements of the military topic, and recalls the scores of classic superhero films, such as those of John Williams. The process of completing this project included the composition of the original music, orchestration, score and part preparation, conducting during the recording session with a 51-piece orchestra at AIR Studios in London, editing and mixing the recorded music, and finally, the placement of individual cues from the final mix at their sync points in the animation. The experience I gained through the creation of "Superhero for Mayor", particularly with the opportunity to score for an unfamiliar genre and the challenges it brought about, will definitely benefit the completion of any future projects to come.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


film scoring; orchestration; animation; recording; editing

Superhero for Mayor