Yuna Lee


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This project used an animation video titled “Spring” and is composed, considering the organization of an orchestra of 51 players to be recorded in Air Studios in London. “Spring” is a result of a new creative work produced with the existing video and my music through analyzing the existing music for visual media scoring, finding my visual narrative scoring method that well matches various storylines, and using various musical genres and my musical background. This study includes my approach using musical elements and analysis of transformation techniques for musical forms and themes to support narrative storytelling. The effect created by audiovisual elements for visual media presents to us a stronger impact than listening to music or watching a video does. “How does film music operate?” “What are the processes in which the music is made?” “What makes one make musical attempts in the processes?” “What makes composers excited and move to make them?” This study is a course of a long journey to find the author’s answers.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Film Scoring; Orchestration; Composition; Compositional processes; Conducting