Influence and Application of Music Education on Mental Health Improvement of College Students


Bo Jiang


Revista Argentina de Clínica Psicológica




This paper mainly explores the influence of music therapy on the mental health of college students. Firstly, the author carried out a literature review on the aesthetic, entertainment and therapeutic functions of music. Next, a total of 102 college students in five majors, namely, architecture, food, hotel management, exhibition and psychology, were selected, and divided evenly into an experimental group and a test group. Only the experimental group was intervened with music therapy. The mental health of each subject was measured before and after the experiment, using the Chinese College Students’ Mental Health Scale. In addition, all subjects were subjected to a questionnaire survey on mental health. The research data were analysed on Excel 2010 and IBM SPSS 20.0. The results show that music therapy has a positive impact on the mental health of college students. This research opens a new way to enhance the mental health education in colleges. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2020 APA, all rights reserved)

Music and Health Institute Terms

Mental Health; Music Therapy; Questionnaires; Wellness and Well-Being

Indexed Terms

Mental Health; Questionnaire; College Students; Aesthetics

Study Type

Quasi-Experimental Study; Quantitative Methods

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