The Use of Music Therapy With Substance Abusers


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This article is about music therapy activities in Tehran TC [therapeutic community] that involve the use of lyric analysis, song sharing and a self-designed questionnaire of the effects of music which substance abusers listened to during their addiction period. A total of 25 session of lyric analysis/song sharing were held. Clients were asked about their feelings at the end of each session. Also each session was recorded and analyzed. Conclusions showed the use of lyric analysis and song sharing was particularly useful for enabling residents to express their feelings and thoughts. Finally it was found that the music which substance abusers had listened to during their addiction had positively affected their relapse and aggressive consuming. [Publication Abstract]

Music and Health Institute Terms

Emotional Functioning; Mood; Mood Scales; Music Listening; Music Medicine; Questionnaires; Recorded Music Listening; Relapse Prevention; Song Lyric Discussion; Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction; Success of Procedure

Indexed Terms

Drug abuse; Drug Addiction; Music Selection; Textual Analysis; Lyrics; Tehran, Iran

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Case Study; Qualitative Methods

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